Mind Cure Health (CSE: MCUR) this morning released further plans related to the launch of its lineup of functional mushroom based nootropic products in the new year. The company will now see its supplements, referred to as Focus, Energy, and Immunity, sold at Body Energy Club locations across North America, with the initial stocking of shelves occurring in February 2021.

The launch of its products through Body Energy Club will see the products join other supplements currently sold by the firm, ahead of the release of Mind Cure’s products on their own ecommerce platform. The lineup of products will be sold across all 17 locations of the health and wellness retailer beginning in February, with the firm having locations in both Vancouver and Los Angeles.

The announcement follows the revelation from just two days ago, wherein the company announced that its products would be ready for commercialization in the new year, along with an additional new product, known as Mind Cure Teen. Pre-orders of product are expected to begin early next week, with delivery commencing in February.

“We are thrilled that Mind Cure’s line of nootropic supplements will be joining the extensive array of wellness supplements offered at Body Energy Club. While we ready the release of our online store, we’re eager for our wellness products to be made available for in-person purchase as well, starting in one of the most health-conscious area codes in the country.”

Kelsey Ramsden, President & CEO of Mind Cure

Mind Cure Health last traded at $0.75 on the CSE.

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