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Analyst Estimate Briefing Mind Medicine Psychedelics

Mindmed: Eight Capital Resumes Coverage With $6.50 Price Target

Earlier this week, Eight Capital launched coverage on a basket of psychedelic companies. This comes after they produced an industry primer during the summer months. They say that after a large influx of capital and “a growing body of clinical trial data on the use of psychedelics and related substances demonstrating a remarkable degree of …

Briefing Mind Medicine MindMed Psychedelics

MindMed Declares Q2 2021 Financials: US$193.9 Million Total Assets, US$35.6 Million Net Loss

Mind Medicine Inc. (NEO: MMED), more commonly known as MindMed, announced Thursday night its interim financial results for Q2 2021. The biotech company ended the quarter with an incurred net loss of US$35.6 million compared to a loss of US$5.7 million for the same comparable period last year. The quarter’s net loss translates to US$0.09 …

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Psychedelics: The Eight Capital Primer

Eight Capital recently produced a primer on the psychedelic sector saying that the companies are “poised to fill a growing unmet need in mental health” and that this need has only been growing steadily but has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this 27 page primer Sepehr Manochehry, their analyst, highlights COMPASS Pathways (NASDAQ: …