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Braxia Scientific Briefing Psychedelics

Braxia Scientific Announces Fiscal Q1 2022 Financials: $0.4 Million In Revenue, $1.1 Million Net Loss

Braxia Scientific Corp. (CSE: BRAX) reported on Monday night its financial results for the fiscal first quarter 2022 ending June 30, 2021. The medical research firm posted $0.4 million in revenue for the quarter, up from Q1 2021’s revenue of $0.2 million. The company attributes the year-on-year revenue increase to its expanding clinic patient base …

Braxia Scientific Briefing Champignon Brands Psychedelics

Braxia Scientific Launches Multiple-Dose Psilocybin Clinical Trial for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Braxia Scientific Corp. (CSE: BRAX), formerly Champignon Brands, announced today that its clinical research and development team will start a randomized clinical trial using psilocybin. The program’s respondents will include adults with treatment-resistant depression and those who have previously tried electroconvulsive therapy or intravenous ketamine to treat their disorder. The company is banking on the broadness …